Marathon Label Company - Custom Labels

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Distributor Support

Sure we have been making custom labels for 25 years, but actually we see our job as doing whatever we can to make your job easier. After all, we’re your partner not your competitor. Any support you need, we’re here. Look at us as an extension of your team. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of 500, we are here to help you. If you need a custom solution to your end user’s problems, we’ll help. If you need to have current samples identified or you need samples of alternate materials, we’re here for you. We’ll give you the support you need and we’ll free up your time so you can close more sales. The following are just some of the tools we offer:

  • Distributor Sales Training at your location
  • Sample Packs showing numerous opportunities
  • Vertical Market Sample Packs
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing & Industrial
    • Healthcare
    • Distribution
    • Prime Packaging
  • Joint sales calls
  • Sales Ideas
  • Marketing Sales Sheets
  • Inventory Management
  • Quick Turnaround on rush jobs
  • Graphic Design Services

Vertical Market Showcase

Common uses for labels in the following industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Distribution and Promotional/Product ID. Moreé-Drew-Nano-Metallic-Leather-Crossbody-Bag-Gold-es-2344