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Our Products

Custom Flexible Packaging

Vertical Markets: Stand-up Pouches,Re-Sealable Pouches,Single Dose Packets,Stick Packs,Child Proof

Applications: Cannabis,Food & Snacks,Pet Food,Coffee & Tea,Powders & Mixes

Run with us toward this profitable market.

Pouches and packets are everywhere. We can help you capitalize on this growing market.


Marathon Label Company Inc Prime Color Labels & Tags in Wausau, WI

Prime Color Labels & Tags

Vertical Markets: Retail, Promotional, Educational, Health and Beauty, Advertising Specialties and more.

Applications: Packaging labels, Bottle labels, Food labels, Static Cling Window labels, a€?Noa€“Looka€? Clear labels, Garment tags, Bumper stickers, Prize promotions, Return Address/Charity labels and more.

Short Run Digital

The perfect answer for need-it-now, small-quantity orders, Marathon Label offers Short-run Digital label services. Cost-effective, quick-turnaround Short-run Digital utilizes an HP Indigo label press to provide high-quality, full-color printing on various materials without the expense of creating film and setting up plates used in long flexo runs.

When a company’s image is on the line, they need the highest quality print on their labels and tags. Marathon Label’s Prime Color Division provides accurate, spectacular color and adds UV topcoat to make the vibrant color last and last.


Marathon Label Company Inc Durable Labels & Tags in Wausau, WI

Durable Labels & Tags

Vertical Markets: Industrial, Manufacturing, Appliance/Electronics, Forestry, Automotive, Agricultural and more.

Applications: Hang tags, Tyvek tags, Law tags, Sewn-in tags, Drum labels, Hazmat, Steel Mill labels, Security labels, Tamper Evident, High-heat Resistant, Warning labels, Luggage tags and more.

Tough applications require tough materials that are tear resistant and will withstand demanding applications. These materials can include but are not limited to Valeron®, Tyvek®, Kimdura® and Lumbertuff® and will withstand the most difficult end use applications.


Marathon Label Company Inc Laser Sheets in Wausau, WI

Laser Sheets

Vertical Markets: Health Care, Manufacturing, Direct mail, Grocery, Retail, Distribution, Financial and more.

Applications: Shipping labels, Inventory labels, Picking labels, Address labels, Pricing labels, Medical Transcription Rolls, DVD labels, CD labels, Freezer labels, General Office labels, Shelf Markers/Talkers and more.

Say goodbye to paper jams and oozing glue with laser sheets guaranteed to lay flat and print smoothly. As an experienced converter of custom laser sheets,Marathon Label can provide solutions for both high speed and desktop applications including a variety of adhesives, ie. Freezer adhesive.


Marathon Label Company Inc Hinged & Multi Layered Labels in Wausau, WI

Hinged & Multi Layered Labels

Vertical Markets: Food Products, Retail Packaging, Manufacturing, Distribution, Health Care

Applications: Instruction Sheets, Multi Lingual Labels, Bottle Labels, Recipes, Nutritional Facts, Disclaimers

These labels are perfect for when you need to get more information on or IN a label. With up to SEVEN times as much space these are a great solution for instruction sheets, recipes and much more.


Marathon Label Company Inc Thermal/Direct Thermal Labels in Wausau, WI

Thermal/Direct Thermal Labels

Vertical Markets: Industrial, Manufacturing, Distribution/Warehousing, Retail, Grocery, Health Care and more.

Applications: Bar coding, Consecutive Numbering, Inventory labels, Shipping labels, Carton labels, Test Tubes labels, IV bag labels, Tracking labels, Retail Promotion hang tags, Production tags, Garment tags and more.

Marathon Label's thermal transfer and direct thermal are compatible with all major brands of thermal printers. Ideal for inventory barcode and carton labels, thermal printing provides high quality, clear imaging for reliable, durable and accurate scanning.


Marathon Label Company Inc Continuous Labels in Wausau, WI

Continuous Labels

Vertical Markets: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Grocery, Distribution, Health Care, Direct Mail and more.

Applications: Inventory labels, Shipping labels, Freezer labels, Pricing labels, Mailing/Return Address labels, EDP, Continuous Laser and more.

Low cost continuous form labels and tags include pinfeed edges allowing the label material to run through both a dot matrix printer in a distribution center or a high-speed continuous laser printer for direct mail applications. Marathon Label product runs smoothly and is easy to use.